BTW: Bead Table Wednesday

As usual my bead table is a mess – so much so that I usually end up working somewhere else. With at least 4 projects currently going on, I thought I would share a peek of my design for the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop.


Bead Hoarders Beads

Since the whole idea is to use beads we have been holding on to for whatever reason, I went back to the beads I’ve had the longest. I have a box of beads from when I first started making jewelry, many of which I was saving for “something special.” Some beads in this box were surprises from my husband who saw them and thought I would like them. I tucked them away because I wanted to make something for myself “someday.”


Since it is December, I thought I would go with a Christmasy look.  The strand of beads is one I’ve had since the beginning.  For the pieces, I added a few more red beads to them – they are all rubberized acrylic.  To add a little sparkle, I dug through a mix of glass pearls that have been thrown in a box over the years and need a permanent home.


I’m still in the construction phase, but my completed design will be revealed along with other participants on Saturday, December 6.  On that day, I will also share a link to all the bloggers reveals.


In the meantime, there is still time to vote for your favorites in the Blu Mudd Design Team Challenge.  Just click the link to go to the album on Facebook, scroll through all the entries, and click “like” to vote for your favorite(s).  My entry is pictured below,  and I appreciate all your votes, but you may vote for more than one entry.  The participants have worked hard to complete their designs, and it’s hard to pick just one.


Blu Mudd Design by Marci

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