We All See Things Differently

Today is the opening day of voting for the 6th Blu Mudd Design Team Challenge, hosted by Moriah Betterly at blumudd.com. For this challenge, each participant received identical kits from Blu Mudd, and applied our own creativity to design piece(s) incorporating all of the ceramic beads from Blu Mudd. This is a picture of the package each of us received.



Challenge Kit

Challenge Kit


The voting in this challenge involves three tiers: The first round of voting is open to the public until December 5.  This link will take you to an album of all entries, plus instructions for voting.  On December 5, the second tier opens to the members of Blu Mudd Design Team to vote on the  top 10 from the public voting.  On December 6, the top 3 from the Design Team vote will be voted on by a panel of judges representing Blu Mudd.   This panel will choose the winner and make the announcement on December 7.


I have gotten a sneak peek at the entries, and they are all so beautiful.  It would be hard to determine my favorite!  Each person applied their unique abilities and views to create something of their own.  Below is a picture of the necklace I submitted


Blu Mudd Design by Marci



Please take the time to hop over to view all the entries and vote.  Some of the pieces will be for sale on the participant’s website or Facebook page.  I’m still trying to decide the fate of my piece.


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