Christmas Gift Ideas Update




I was going to update my previous list of bad idea gifts, but have decided everything was pretty much covered in the original post, and it is all still wrong.



So for this year, I thought  I would give the guys a few ideas that maybe they hadn’t considered and their love would not ask for.  Women above all want to know that you put some thought into the gift – not just something you found on sale.  Not something generic that all the guys at work are getting their significant others so you can take advantage of bulk pricing.  No.  Just no.  I shouldn’t have to explain that one.


Think back to your first date – maybe it was 6 months ago or 6 years ago.  Give her something that shows you still remember that first date and it’s special to you.  Did you see a movie?  Buy the same movie and watch it together again with her favorite meal.  Did you go to dinner? Make reservations.  Romantic, economical, but very thoughtful.


Maybe your girl loves to journal or writes poetry.  How about a nice leather-bound journal, with a meaningful handwritten message from you inside.


Show her that you see a future with her – even if you’re still in the very early stages of your relationship.  Buy tickets to a concert, exhibit, play – whatever is within your financial ability – that is a month or two away.  And go with her.  She will see that you have paid attention to her interests, and that you care enough to go to the opera or to see a country music concert, even though it’s not what you like.


Along the same lines, have you talked about things she always wanted to do?  Bungee jumping?  Cooking class?  Pottery?  Whatever it is, make it happen for her – and go with her.   One more adventure off her bucket list.


Be thoughtful and consider what she would like.  No matter how long you’ve been together, showing you’ve been paying attention means a lot.  Whether it’s a pound of coffee from the coffee shop where you first saw her or tickets to her favorite sports team (even though it’s not yours), you show she’s important to you as a person.  It does not have to be expensive, but meaningful to her and your relationship.

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