Belief vs.Faith

For many people, belief and faith mean the same, and can be used interchangeably.  I see the terms as having different uses relating to Christianity.  The Bible states that the demons believe and tremble.  Satan and his demons are fallen angels – they know God and His power.  They tremble in fear.  They believe, but they do not put their faith in Christ.

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One of my favorite professors in college liked to use the story of a tightrope walker as an example of belief vs. faith.  Imagine watching a tightrope walker safely span the distance between two buildings, several stories high, with nothing between him and the ground, pushing a wheelbarrow.  Now think of watching him do the same feat 7 more times, without a bobble.  Would you believe he could do it again?  Probably so.  Do you have faith he could do it again?  Then why aren’t you in the wheelbarrow, putting your faith into action?

Faith is a higher level of belief.  Faith is putting your life, everything you are, in Christ.  Not in your abilities, not in friends or family – but in the love of Christ, trusting Him with everything.  We don’t have to do anything to earn His love – we can’t.  We don’t deserve His love, but He loves us anyway.  Enough to die for a sinful world even in the face of rejection.

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