Faith Isn’t Faith Until It’s All You’re Holding On To



Faith is often defined as “ strong or unshakable belief in something, especially without proof or evidence.”  When we say, “I have faith in God, but…” our faith has been shaken.  Doubt has crept in, or we want to try to make things happen ahead of God.  We have proof or evidence of God’s existence all around us, but if Christians refuse to put their faith in God and God alone, how can we expect non-believers, skeptics, or seekers to accept what we say?  

“God and I can do anything.”  How many times have we heard that?  Sorry to burst your bubble, but God can do anything He wants – all by Himself.  Thankfully, He often works through us to complete His plan if we allow Him.  Without Him, I am nothing, but with even a small amount of unshakable faith in Him, miracles can happen.

Many years ago, a friend told his wife God wanted him to quit his job and minister to the homeless on their city streets for six months.  His was the only income for their family of four, but he put his faith in what God had said, and in spite of all his friends telling him he was crazy, quit his job and began living and ministering to the homeless day in and day out.  His  family relied on God’s provision, and did not ask for assistance from their church, family, friends, or state.  At the end of six months, God provided an even better job than he had before.  For six months, they were never late on their bills or rent, and they were never hungry.  God provided for their every need and beyond.  My husband and I have often reflected on this experience, and see it as a wonderful example of God’s provisions and our friend’s faith.

Faith is all we have.  No buts, just believing what God says.  He never breaks His promises.

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