31 Days of Faith

31 Days Writing Challenge

31 Days Writing Challenge

Today I start participating in my first 31 Day Blog Challenge. I have long needed to jump start my blog, and was ashamed of myself when I saw I have not made a new post since January. Committing to a post for every day of October will help me hone my writing skills as well as get me back in the habit of blogging.

For my topic, I have chosen Faith which is a broad topic, but I will try to stay focused.  Please check out the hundreds of other bloggers taking part of this challenge.  I look forward to reading their thoughts on home, family, hobbies – whatever their topic may be.  One of the beautiful parts of this challenge, is that if 15 people choose the same topic, their take on that topic will still be unique.

So, today, I will simply leave you with a beautiful quote on faith.

31 days 1b

Day 2 Faith isn’t Faith until It’s All You’re Holding on To

Day 3 Faith for God’s Perfect Plan

Day 4 Silent Saturday – Fully Trusting God

Day 5 He is My God!

Day 6 Worry vs. Faith

Day 7  How Do We Recognize Truth?

Day 8  Wordless Wednesday

Day 9 Belief vs Faith

Day 11  My Savior Knows

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