Blessed Beyond Measure

I had no post prepared for today, no ideas for a topic, no pictures to share.  Then the mail came.  Hidden among the credit card offers, bills, and a variety of catalogs, magazines, and sale papers was a simple little one page letter notifying me that my FMLA time had expired and my current position would be posted immediately.


I knew I was out of FMLA time, and had been approved for personal leave.  I was not prepared for the subtle notification that I was now effectively unemployed.  I immediately laid aside any plans I had today and climbed up on my pity pot – which happens to be in a deep, dark hole of depression.  Not the best place to spend a day, but sometimes I like it here.

Then I finally let God in, and He reminded me of his love and power.  I had said many times God had put me in that position, and He would be the one to move me away from it.  I needed to remind myself there is a bigger picture that I cannot see or even understand.  The whole concept of my blog is making the most of what we have been given and glorify God through all of it.

He reminded me of a line from a song which He has used many times to pull me out of my hole:  In the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I’m blessed.  His love and provision have never failed me before, and it never will.

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