Why Can’t We Be Like Them??

My family recently had the opportunity to spend some time with friends who we only see about once a year.  They are a wonderful couple with 2 boys who are just younger than my youngest, and everyone gets along well with each other.  The mom of that bunch has a natural gift for story telling, and her family certainly gives her enough fodder to keep her stories fresh and new!




After having an extended lunch with them one day and laughing almost the whole time, as we left the restaurant, my daughter asked me why we can’t be fun like they are.  This struck me as odd – we are definitely not normal, and I thought we had loads of fun.  Then  I realized it’s not just that she is used to our family quirks, but it’s the lack of story telling and sharing our ups and downs with others.

I used to tell stories about where I grew up and a few local characters, until my husband asked me to stop before people thought I was a hick.  But I am a hick, and very proud of my heritage.  Besides, ask him to tell you about HIS Uncle Dudley!

During my pregnancies and the early years of my children, I told stories.  Until the children were old enough to ask me to stop because I was embarrassing.  So there we go – no stories.  I’ve got a million of them – could probably write a book, but would have to change the names.




As much as I love my friends and their children, I don’t want my family to be like theirs – or like anyone else’s.  Each family is unique, put together by God for a purpose, each with our own little quirks and traditions.   We all have a story to share, not always funny or with a happily ever after, but we have a story.  And we should  all share our stories with friends, neighbors – everyone – to bring glory to God.

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