Seed Beads: A Love/Hate Relationship

Seed Beads


A few weeks ago, I spent 3 days sorting seed beads. I had no idea I had so many of the little beauties, because they were scattered in various organizers with my other beads. So I got them their own little box which has all these other uniform smaller boxes! Each color could have its own space! What’s not to love about that?




I will tell you what’s not to love – spilling. They go everywhere! Add a big, slobbery dog wanting to play because you are in the floor, and you have a lost episode of I Love Lucy. A perfectly wonderful opportunity of OCD organizing ruined by having to scrape tiny beads from the floppy jowls of Annie.

But, as I said, in a few days’ time, while Annie napped, I did manage to complete the task, with a box or two to spare. In true OCD fashion, there was a place for everything, and everything was in its place. At least in my seed bead world, peace reigned.


The following day I received a package via FedEx – an event that can add sunshine to even the darkest day. As I joyfully checked my new box of treasures, among the focals, findings, and accent beads, there they were: 40 + new strands and colors of seed beads. Back to the chaos!


4 thoughts on “Seed Beads: A Love/Hate Relationship

    • I had a friend request some special earrings made from the tiniest little beads! After that, I swore them off, but they are too hard to resist! Either a little or a lot can add just the right touch to a piece of jewelry.

  1. Annie is beautiful. I have bassets, so unless I spill food they don’t think it’s interesting enough to summon enough energy to get off the couch. The cats on the other hand act like 3 year olds that I took to a McDonalds playland 🙂

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