High Maintenance Meets Low Energy

I now have one big hairy eyebrow going ear-to-ear across my face a’la Bert from Sesame Street. (I used to have two, but I do manage to wax the top one.)


Due to a wildly erratic heart combined with sporadic breathing, I have no energy for my usual routine to keep myself presentable to the outside world – which is fine because I seldom go outside. So here I sit, 2 1/2 months off work, with at least another month ahead of me. Sporting a unibrow, long pants in the heat of summer to cover the dreadlocks sprouting on my legs, and t-shirts because if I go sleeveless I appear to have a family of gerbils nesting under my arms.


I have pointed out to my hubs the money he has saved on hair products and makeup alone should help counter balance our loss of income, but I think he has trouble taking me seriously with my new ‘squatch look.  (I have to be a ‘squatch because I’m too tall to be a Hobbit!)

3 thoughts on “High Maintenance Meets Low Energy

  1. To find the bright spot in this I would focus on the opportunity to become a ‘Squatchie Fashion Trend-Setter’ Tally the hours saved on traditional primping and fussing and list the delightful things you did instead, like lovely naps to speed your recovery, the stolen minutes that gave you time for contemplation on this issue and your humorous reply that has delighted your readers. Delve online into the mysterious cultures that don’t kowtow to the frivolous pursuit of altering what nature endowed us with. See the beauty in being an all natural woman and if you are still really bored…you could design some mini seed bead adornments for the gerbils

    on a serious note…I wish you a speedy and happy recovery.
    I only recently started following but have seen that you have wonderful followers that love interacting with you.

  2. I know the feeling of getting behind…I have about 300 blog posts (that I have been in the habit of commenting on–not 300 different bloggers, only about 20 or so but haven’t yet had time to read), plus getting my own blog posts out. And I have a partner blogger…but what can you do when life demands it be lived?
    k-of k&p Catalano

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