10 Pinterest Shoes That Make Me Say, “Uh, no.”

Zebra Heels


If you know how many shoes you have, then you don’t have enough!


Anyone who knows me knows I have an obsession with shoes.  Even at 5’10, six-inch heels do not scare me.  I never thought I would meet a pair of shoes I didn’t like, but along came Pinterest, and my eyes were opened to the world of ugly shoes.   So here are 10 pics I’ve pulled from Pinterest featuring shoes that will not find their way into my closet.  In no particular order of dislike.

I mean no disrespect toward any of the designers of these shoes, nor those who have liked them.  This is solely based on personal preference.








Red Zebra

1.  As you can see from the first pic, I love zebra prints, so that’s not the problem with these.  I would tip over backward.

Wooden Heels

2.  These look like the bridges on my hammer dulcimer, strapped on with duct tape.  Having no sole, do they really qualify as shoes?


3.  These shoes, in my opinion, look as if they started with good intentions, then someone decided to add 4 inches of  compost to the sole, offset by ugly beads.


4.  HELP!  My ankles have been attacked by butterflies!

No one should have this much spring in their step.

Toe Shoes

5.  OK, ignoring the pattern of the shoe, let’s just focus on style here.  I’m not above sacrificing comfort for a pretty pair of heels, but truly how does one walk in these?


6.  Aside from the color, these might be the least offensive.  But it appears the bow actually assists in keeping the shoe on.  Looking closely at this picture, the bows are tied differently, and aren’t just adornment.


7.  Elements of these shoes are appealing to me:  I like spikes, platforms, and bright pink.  But here again we have the quirky heel that would throw this big girl off-balance.


8.  NO.  Why??  I’ve got nothin’.


9.  Nice black pump.

 Why does she not notice the giant wooly worms crawling up her legs?


10.  Hooves?  Unfortunately there are too many photos of these online, which might imply someone actually bought them.   Again, nothin’ to say.

Life is too short to wear ugly shoes.  But they are like a car wreck – you know you shouldn’t look, but you can’t help.


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