To Ink or Not To Ink?

OK, so that’s not really the question.  I know I want a tattoo, but what and where?  I have already established a few criteria:

swallowIt has to be meaningful to me, not generic.


It has to be in a place  visible by people other than my husband and physicians, but easily covered for work.


At my age, most places that will sag have already started south, but I still want to be conscious of how it will look later on.  (BTW – she looks great!)


It has to be unique – I don’t want the same “tattoo of the year” that everyone else will be getting.


Nothing that will get me featured in a Top 10 Worst Tattoos list.


Nothing in the chest area.  By special request.

So, I have a few ideas on Pinterest (where else, right?), but nothing concrete yet.  I have chosen the shop.  I have several friends and loved ones who want to go with me — mostly because they don’t think I would actually go through with it.    But I will . . . some day.


2 thoughts on “To Ink or Not To Ink?

  1. I have three tattoos, getting ready for a fourth. All but one are not visible unless I choose (upper thigh, back shoulder, my wrist, and fourth will be on the back of my neck). I have become enamored with good tattoos, have a huge pin board of things I like ( I think) and when I turn 50 in six years, AND if I’ve dropped a little weight, I want to get a half sleeve. But I agree — you have to think long and hard. It took me ten years to decide on my first tattoo, and the other two came to me quickly. I regret none of them at all.

    • Everyone tells me one is never enough. I think I have watched too many tattoo shows and looked at too many online, because now I am really picky about who and where. But that day will come!

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