$10 That Changed My Life

My husband and I are technology geeks.  If we had the money, we would have the newest version of all things electronic 3 days before it was released. But, alas, we are just regular folk and not on Bill Gates’ or Apple’s Christmas lists.

However, despite our techno geekery, until recently neither of us had ever owned an iPod. None. We both enjoy a variety of music, although I  question his taste at times, as a child of the 80’s. He likewise does not see the need for the disco beat of the 70’s. I’m still hoping he will come around.


Then came the day a friend listed an iPod for sale on a local Facebook yard sale page – and life has never been the same.  He was like a kid on Christmas morning!  I kept walking in on him dancing in the kitchen to music only he was hearing – thankfully.  He would hustle in the hallway, boogie in the bathroom, and shuffle through the store.  Even at night I was not spared his enthusiasm as he quietly rocked himself to sleep – which usually resulted in waking me up as the whole bed was shaking.

But, despite our music differences, he is the love of my life.  And if $10 will make him happy, I will dance with him – as long as I don’t have to listen.


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