One Pile Away From an Episode of Hoarders!


This is not a current view of my bead table – I have worked on it a few times lately to attempt a bit more organization.  But there always seems to be those beads that don’t have a home, new stock trying to fit in, leftovers from previous orders. . . still this is possibly the most organized corner in my house!  And more coming in.

I have decided that I watch the reality series about hoarders (currently there are two: Hoarders on A & E and Hoarding: Buried Alive on TLC) simply so I don’t feel so bad about my own housekeeping.  I feel for the people who are holding on to their “collections” they have stored over the years.  I understand to a degree how important certain items can become in our lives, representing memories of better times or lost loved ones.   I can understand the stacks of books, magazines, or clothes waiting to be donated or recycled.  All good intentions.

Recently, after watching a parade of hoarders pass by on my TV, I caught myself glancing around my home, spying out trash, identifying treasures, and realizing I’m teetering on the edge.  Now don’t get me wrong here.  I do not collect empty pizza boxes, out of date food, or empty juice bottles.  I cannot understand those who find value in these items, but I do believe it only adds to their depression, which in turn feeds their need to hoard.  I have yet to find a mummified cat or dog under my clutter.

But I do have hundreds of books, stacks of unread magazines, more crafting supplies than I will ever use in my lifetime.  My plan today was to go to a 50% off sale at a local business which is stacked to the ceiling with fabrics, sewing supplies, decorator items, furnishings — none of which I need, but I still want to go.  Come on – it’s half price!  Regardless of the fact that I have not sewn anything in many years, and I have totes of fabric waiting for attention, it’s a sale!

Some of you will think I’m crazy, but many of you understand completely.  Whether you are a bargain hunter or a craft hoarder, you know where I’m coming from on this one!  Wouldn’t you love just one day in Mood?

Hmmm. . . think I might just drive downtown and see what’s going on. . .


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