10 MORE Things You Can Do in 5 Minutes or Less

With the arrival of the hectic travel and shopping season coming up, chances are you will find yourself standing in long lines more often than before.  So, I thought I would come up with a few more things to do while you wait, whether your shopping, in the doctor’s office, or in the pick up line at school, here are a few ideas to help the time go by.

1.   Lift your spirits with a song.  Yes, I know, too many stores are already blasting us with too loud music, but block that out with your favorite song.  Regardless of the genre or your location, if it’s a blast from the past or on today’s top 20, if it’s your favorite, it will lift your mood.  Currently Move by MercyMe is my go to song.  Whether you know all the words or not, repeat the parts you know, and your wait time will fly by!

2.  Check out Pinterest.  Opening an account is easy, then just search for something that makes you smile, and you will be overloaded with images. 


3.  People Watch.   Trust me – others have watched you before, so pay attention to those around you.  Make up what their story is, why they are waiting where you are on the same day at the same time.  Who are they buying that gift for?  Where are they going?  Why did she come out in public dressed like THAT??  Just try to avoid being judgemental or rude. 

4.   Think of your favorite meal.  Not #3 on anyone’s drive-thru menu, but your favorite meal at home.  Plan a specific date within the next 2 weeks to have that meal at home with your loved ones and make it happen.  



5.  Find a new hairstyle.  Chances are you or someone you are with has Internet access no matter where you are.  Do a quick search for trending styles and choose your favorite.  Call your favorite salon and make an appointment.

6.  Strike up a conversation.   So, maybe you don’t know anyone waiting with you, so what?  They are shopping at the same store you are, waiting in the same office, waiting for (probably) the same flight, or for an open table a the same restaurant.  Instantly you have something in common.  Talking about the weather may seem cliche, but it is one common factor we all have to deal with and is always a safe starting point.

7.   Clean up your email/text messages.  I recently noticed I had over 1000 texts from to and from my husband.  Not counting hundreds more from other people, all taking up space on my phone.  I have 2300+ unread emails.  Just the unread ones, not the thousands more I glimpse at and do nothing else with.  Yeah, I know my email will take longer than 5 minutes, but it’s like eating an elephant sandwich – one bite at a time.

8.   Waiting with small children?  Anyone who has ever waited with a small child knows they have very short attention spans.  Play a game with your little buddy.  Waiting in the checkout?  Have them count the number of magazines, snacks, or other impulse buys on display.  Find as many letters of the alphabet as possible within a designated area, in a book or magazine, or on the menu.  Anything to occupy their time and cut back on your stress.

9.   Make a list.  Gift list, shopping list, to do list, bucket list — the list of lists is endless!  And your mind will be occupied instead of vegging.

10.  Start a blog.  Many sites offer free blogging, and it only takes a few simple steps to start.  Your blog can be as topic specific or random as you wish.  It’s a wonderful way to express yourself, your thoughts, your world.

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