First Christmas Together? 10 Gifts to Strike Off Your List Now

For anyone who has had a first Christmas with a significant person, we all know the stress of choosing the perfect gift. Too personal?   Too generic?  Too cliché? This one is for the guys, just a few suggestions to keep in mind. And no, it’s not too early to start thinking about these things. Nothing will guarantee you a frosty Christmas quicker than that last second gift you picked up at the JiffyQuik when you went in to pay for your gas.


So, for your first (or 51st) Christmas together, here are a few gifts that aren’t so thoughtful.

1. Anything packaged with As Seen On TV on it.  Nothing!  If it’s known simply for being on a late night infomercial or has -o-matic in the name, keep looking.

2. A popular diet book or exercise video. Even if it’s signed and hand-delivered by the author, do you really want to tell your girl you think she’s too fat?

3. Anything that you and your buddies think is hilarious.  Skip it. Or buy it for your buddy. Whether it’s a singing, pants dropping Santa or the Best of Jack Black DVD collection, keep it in your man-cave, not under her tree.

4. Lingerie. None. Unless she picked it out, showed you the picture, and specifically said the words, “I want you to buy this for me for Christmas,” then don’t get it. We all really know it’s for you anyway.

5. The funny T-Shirt.  Unless your girl is under 12 years old, keep walking. Refer to #3 if you have any questions.

6.  Chocolate.  I know, that seems like the perfect gift for a woman.  But even if it’s the most expensive, highest quality chocolate you can afford, pass.  Chocolate only adds calories to an already food-laden season.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and chocolatiers will make a killing then.

7.  Cheap perfume.  Most women have their favorite scent or category of scents.   An especially bad idea if it reminds you of your grandmother.  If you must buy perfume, avoid discount stores or drug stores, a “smells like” knock-off, or anything sold by the gallon. 

8.  Clothes.  Unless you are a fashion consultant, or know one – avoid clothes. What if you get the wrong size?  Too big – you think she’s fat.  Too small – you think she’s fat.  Perfect fit – she thinks she’s fat.  YOU CANNOT WIN ON THIS ONE!  If you still insist on buying clothes, get with her closest friend and let her help you choose.  Chances are, the friend will tell your girl what you are up to, they will decide together what you will buy.  All you need is the cash.

9.  A Pet.  Any kind of pet.  Sure, she oohs and aahs over cute puppies or kittens, who doesn’t?  But don’t assume she wants one.  Taking care of a pet is a huge commitment.  Even goldfish.  And what if you break up?  She can’t get rid of Rover, but doesn’t want him around as a constant reminder of you, either. 

10.   Anything engraved or monogrammed.  Yes, really.  She already knows what her name is.  And if she likes something enough to want her name on it, she probably already has it.  And if she really dislikes it, she can’t sell it or re-gift it because you had her name put on it.  So she’s stuck. 


Hopefully, you still have a few ideas left on your list.  If not, thankfully you still have time to shop!

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