BTW: Bead Table Wednesday


My bead table this morning.  Don’t you love it when an “organizing” project results in a bigger mess toward the mid-point.  Hopefully the end result will look more like the picture I have in my mind than what greeted me this morning.  Following the Home Crafts Day weekend show, I tackled my organization problems which had been greatly neglected during the big push to get our products ready.

I know it will get better – hopefully before it gets any worse!  Just a matter of taking some time now to get everything in it’s new home and my future projects will come together more quickly and easily!  Although I doubt my area will every be as organized and beautiful as the one below, I will keep trying!




2 thoughts on “BTW: Bead Table Wednesday

    • Thanks! I got a little more done on it today, and keep telling myself one day soon it will be done. On the upside, though, I found about 5 necklaces I had socked away and didn’t realize it!

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