Today is the big reveal day for the Bead Soup Blog Party.  Many thanks to Lori for all the time and work she has put into this as hostess.  Corralling almost 400 crafters using all sorts of mediums cannot be an easy task.  Add all of us newbies to the veterans, and she definitely had her hands full!  Click here for a list of all the participants and check out their blogs to see their completed soups!

My partner was Lori Bowring Michaud, my new friend from the North East who has so much in common with me, it’s scary!  Below is a picture of the bead soup I received from Lori.

I was blown away at this beautiful collection of sea glass, wood beads, and the beautiful hand-crafted focal piece designed by Lori herself.  I have to admit I carried my soup around in its little box for a few weeks just looking at it and playing with different ideas.  Many drawings, layouts, brainstorms later, and the end result was not at all what I thought!  I realized I was overthinking, and just needed to sit down and let the pieces speak for themselves.

The final design was a necklace featuring the beautiful focal piece as well as a bracelet.  I was so excited to realize I would be able to make two pieces (earrings are on the way!).  I added some peach colored beads that I found in a mix this week, and the rest of the pieces came from Lori.

I have had so much fun participating in the Bead Soup Blog Party, and can’t wait to start blog hopping to see as many as I can over the next few days!

43 thoughts on “BSBP: PARTY TIME!!

  1. I too had an issue with overthinking (some days I was even in crazy bedazzle mode), but I agree with you that you just have to let the beads and components speak for themselves. Your necklace and bracelet are beautiful!

  2. There’s such a great beachy feel to this piece. I’m so glad you were able to let all of that other stuff go and just create. Sometimes that’s when inspiration really hits. Nice job!!

    • Lori – I tried to post a comment on your blog but my computer glitched. Just wanted to let you know I love the earrings and bracelet you created! I wore my soup necklace and bracelet today and got so many compliments on the focal and beads you sent me.

      • I also had problems posting yesterday on some of the blogs I visited, Marci. It was frustrating! I’m glad you received compliments on your pieces, they’re lovely! I’ve received many compliments on mine as well. It does a heart good!

  3. OMGoodness…your soup is DELICIOUS my Friend!!! I adore your design, it’s truly stunning! Well done, another AMAZING cup of BEAD SOUP from a very talented designer!!! 😉

  4. A lovely piece that makes me think of summer in Maine. Why Maine? Because I’d like to think it’s cooler up there (but I’m told it’s not!).

    I hope you’ll join me next time — the blog badge and dates are up on my blog now.

    Love, Lori

  5. You may have felt like you overthought your pieces, but they turned out great. I love those wood beads. And all the sea/beach glass is wonderful. I love walking the beach and finding lots of little treasures. Very nice pieces.

  6. Those are some great ingredients…so summery and beachy which is right up my alley! In fact, I’m dying to know where that focal pendant came from LOL! You did a wonderful job pulling everything together – it looks amazing.

  7. What a lovely beach party you created – a wonderful touch of summer as we dive into autumn. It does help to sit back and listen to the beads, doesn’t it (even if it’s really hard to hear at first)?

  8. At least I’m not alone in over-thinking!
    I think you came up with some beautiful jewelry!

    You can’t tell it from the avatar photo but I too hit the big 50 this year. I can’t wear thongs because my feet have developed bone spurs. That’s the worst of becoming a “classic”, the weird body issues I’d never heard of. Bone spurs? Really?

    Warm regards,

  9. Love the beachy, natural look…those wooden beads are great…and some of the first I have seen of that size.But what I really love is that gorgeous beach glass…got to get me some! Great job and definitely not “over thought”.

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