Lovin’ Our Lasagna Garden!

I just got back in from weeding our lasagna garden, and thought I would share an update.  So far I have been very pleased with our newest venture in gardening.  Although from the outside, this is about the ugliest garden I think I have ever seen, the soil beneath stays rich and dark, teeming with garden friendly crawlies.  Pictured above are a few pear tomatoes on a plant from Section 2, the section with the topsoil from a local nursery.

This section still sprouts more than it’s share of grass, but the areas around the plants have remained clear from my last weeding adventure.

The picture below is a volunteer stalk of corn.  We chose not to plant corn this year because our last few attempts have failed  miserably.  But when we saw this brave little guy today, we decided we had to let him stay.  As you can see, the ground around him has remained weedless as well.  You can better tell why I called it the ugliest garden I’ve ever seen – full of gravel, sticks,  and dried leaves, not the nice (almost) straight rows I am used to.




Most of our plants seem to be thriving well in our concoction of compost, and overall have required little work to maintain.   Above is the beginning of a small bloom on one of our zucchini plants.  They are growing fast, and we should be seeing tiny zucchini soon.  I’m not entirely sure why we planted zucchini since no one in our family is a fan, but it looks as if we will have a bountiful harvest.

As you can see, our onion patch is growing fast.  This is in Section 1 which we covered with topsoil purchased from our local discount store.  This soil was more sand than soil, but this small section has remained virtually weedless.  In an area about 10′ x 6′, we pulled less than a dozen weeds today.  Other plants in this section include cucumbers, peppers, and cabbage.

I’m already making plans to start our lasagna cooking earlier in the fall, even though I know there are several hot days of summer growing still ahead.


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