More Thoughts From the Garden

A few weeks into the garden season, and we are seeing some success with our first attempt at lasagna gardening.  And a few disappointments.

In a previous post, I related our mishap with poor topsoil.  Recent heavy rains did make it possible to break up some of the largest clumps of dirt and rock, but it also washed away the loose soil leaving gravel behind.  In the midst of this, though, our tomato plants were flourishing along with a healthy growth of weeds.

This is one of our plants growing among the rocks and gravel.  The layers beneath are rich and dark, full of wonderful garden critters.  Although from the top, it’s currently a very ugly garden spot, below it’s healthy and productive.

This is a shot of the  third section of our garden.  This section was not layered at all, simply tilled.  We have planted potatoes here, and although not immediately evident, there are a few small plants peeking above the ground.

I’ll post more pictures later.  We have cucumbers, peppers, and squash coming up also.


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