Memory Bead Jewelry

How many times have you received flowers just to watch them wither and end up stored in a special box or even the trash?  What was once so beautiful becomes dry and dreary.  Some people recycle the dried flowers for potpourri or incorporate them into bookmarks or wreaths.  And some craft them into a piece of jewelry.

Circles of Love

Memory beads are a wonderful way to hold on to the memory of a special event, the perfect rose, or a loved one.   I first heard of the idea when I commented on a beautiful bracelet a friend was wearing.  Recently widowed, she told me the beads were made from dried rose petals she had saved from her husband’s funeral.  Each child and grandchild also received a similar bracelet or other item as a remembrance.

What a wonderful idea!  Instead of the dried, forgotten rose from my brother’s funeral, I could have a piece of jewelry.  My husband and I were in quick contact with the designer of our friend’s bracelet, and soon I had one for myself and my sister – complete with a moose charm.

Kathy's Beads

I was so taken with the idea and the sentimentalism behind it, I wanted to begin offering this service myself.  I was already designing jewelry, but this opportunity pushed me into new areas.  After researching how-to articles, and quite a bit of trial and error, Moose Petals was born. 

I’m not writing this to promote my own website – there are others on the Internet who create amazing designs with dried flowers and even ashes.  I’m writing to share with others an idea they may not have considered.  Recent graduations, Mother’s Day, proms, upcoming weddings – many have had a full calendar of events.  Memory bead jewelry is a wonderful option to remember a special time or loved one in your life.


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