The Search for the Perfect Swimsuit

I have decided it’s time to buy a new swimsuit.  Not surprising in itself, since it is almost summer, and many of you have already made your annual purchase.  I, however, bought my first and only swimsuit nearly 10 years ago.  Needless to say, neither of us are what we were then.  Hence, the need to go shopping.

At my above average height and advanced age, it’s difficult to grab a suit off just any rack.  Out of consideration for our neighbors and random passers-by who currently have the full view of our newly acquired above ground pool, adequate coverage at all times is an absolute necessity.  As a woman of substance who doesn’t normally walk around in public in her underwear, anything ending in “-ini” is out.   So, I hit the Internet.

My search was “modest adult swimwear.”  Simple enough, I thought.  I could narrow down the results to Tall sizes when I found a good website.  The first two pages of results were mostly Muslim, Mormon, and homeschool sites.  Nothing against the fashion styles of any of these groups – I’m a homeschooler myself – but maybe Google and I have different definitions of “modest.”  There was also a site offering “Sexy Modest Adult Swimwear,” but I didn’t see how sexy and modest could be used to describe the same items.  Afraid there would be more sex than modesty, I didn’t even click on the link.

My search continues.  I don’t feel as though I am asking for much – surely there are other tall, overweight, mature women out there who like to take an occasional dip in the pool or the ocean without exposing their entire personality for all the world to see.


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