Lasagna Garden Part 2

In one of my previous posts, I talked about the beginning stages of our lasagna garden and thought it was way past time for an update. 

Our garden is in 3 different sections, partly by choice, partly from necessity.  The first section is layered with newspapers, leaves, and other organic materials topped off with a few bags of soil from our local discount store.  I’m thinking either the manufacturer or the store is confused as to what constitutes soil.  I would be more correct in stating that this small section is topped with a few bags of sand.  We quickly discovered this would be the most expensive way to add soil to our garden spot.

Section 1 is now home to a few cucumber plants, green peppers, yellow banana peppers, a tomato plant or two, and green onions.

The middle and largest section has the same base, but is topped with a combination of compost and top soil purchased by the truckload from a local nursery.   This seemed like a good idea at the time, but topsoil that has set outside through a rainy spring arrives in large, Guinea pig-sized lumps.  And there is an excessive amount of gravel inside the dry lumps, as if the soil originated from someone’s driveway.  Not really good for our garden, but we are trying to work with it. 

This section has some more tomatoes of different varieties, a few potatoes, yellow summer squash, zucchini, and whatever else we decide to try our hand at this year.

The last section is simply tilled.  No lasagna here, just dirt, leftover vegetation from last summer’s garden, weeds, and as of today, potatoes.  

I have tromped down the spaces between rows for easier walking and access to the plants.  The ground in the first two sections is very soft, and I tended to sink up a bit if I stayed in one place for too long.  It was a wonderful discovery, though, to dig into the rich soil underneath.  Now, if the weeds will stay away.


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