Hospital Etiquette

I have gathered a  few Emily Post-type tips that I thought I would share.  Hopefully some will be heeded and many people will benefit – patients, visitors, and employees. 

EDITED:  I had to add #9 today. . .  Feel free to post a comment with any other tips I may not have thought of.

1.  Remember, this is a hospital, not a playground.  Most people are here because they are sick.  Do not let your children run freely from floor to floor or have wheelchair races in the lobby.

2.  If 2 of your 3 children are old enough to have facial hair, they are old enough to stay home.  Do not drag them out in the middle of the night to bring Grandma to the emergency room.  Do not leave them in the waiting area hoping hospital employees will keep an eye on them.  See tip number 1.

3.  We all know hospital gowns are short and not always user-friendly.  But they DO tie in the back or on the side.  Please make use of these ties.

4.  If you are able to walk around the hospital floor or even outside, then you are well enough to pull on a pair of shorts or sweats.  Please.

5.  Every patient is important, but please do not create a scene when a patient having a heart attack is called back to the ER  before your child with a runny nose. 

6.  There is never a need to ever place your dirty child, dirty head, or dirty feet on the registration desk.  Other people have also placed other dirty things there prior to your arrival.

7.  Hospitals in general are not “clothing optional” facilities.  Unless you are the patient, out of respect for yourself and others, put on a shirt.  Shoes would be nice. 

8. Do not drop your pants or otherwise reveal any body parts unless requested by a healthcare professional directly involved in your care.

9. No matter how badly you think you need to “go,” there is never an excuse to use an exam glove as a urinal.  Hospitals abound with special facilities (i.e. restrooms) to meet these needs.


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