Do Over Challenge Part 3: The Blog Hop!

Remember the Do Over Challenge post from earlier?  And the piece of jewelry I received in the mail from Jeannie?  Well, today is the day of the big reveal!  All participants are going to post their Ugly Duckling Do Overs on their blogs today.  Be sure to check out the creations of all participants.

Barbe              Charlene              Christine

Dagmar          Diane                   Elisabeth

Erin                 Kim                      Leslie

Linda              Lisa                       Lori

Nancy            Niky                       Pam

Patty              Sally                      Shannon

So, here is a picture of the original piece of jewelry as I received it:

This presented quite a challenge for me.  Although I have made jewelry for myself for about 3 years, I’m relatively new at making anything for other people.  Also, it is gold plated.  I wear very little gold jewelry, and make even less, so my stash on hand was of little help.  I had an idea in mind for the transformation, but could not get the idea from my head to the table.

Then one evening, after I received my Christmas in May collection of goodies, I was eating fresh strawberry shortcake and found new inspiration.  The colors of the original lampwork beads were almost exactly the same as my strawberries!  Combined with a large focal piece and a few beads from my stash, the idea for the Strawberries and Cream necklace was born.

For the bent wires, I used headpins from the original piece.  The twisted gold pieces are the original oval gold hoops reshaped.

I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge, and send a big thanks to Jeannie for the opportunity!  Be sure to check out the work of the other participants by following the links listed above or in the right-hand column under Do Over Challenge.


10 thoughts on “Do Over Challenge Part 3: The Blog Hop!

  1. That’s so funny that strawberries were your inspiration for this do over piece. I love how you reproposed the chain links by reshaping them and using them for bead frames. Brillant!

  2. How very clever to bend those shapes into intriguing connectors! I love also that you were inspired by dessert!
    Thanks for participating. This sure was a lot of beady fun!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. You did a lot of creative things with the necklace components! I would have struggled with gold since I never use it either. I like the theme you chose, and now it is making my hungry, lol! Great job on the challenge!

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