10 Things To Do In Less Than 5 Minutes

Time is a precious commodity in today’s world for many people, but also one of our most wasted.  Here is a list of a few things you could do in 5 minutes or less:

1.     Cook an omelette.  Eggs, cheese, your favorite additions – about the same time it takes to fix a PB & J or another bowl of cold cereal, you can have a warm yummy treat.  Wrap it in a tortilla, and it becomes breakfast to go!

2. Sort through that stack of mail on the counter. A good idea is to handle everything only once so junk goes immediately in the trash or shredder, bills in their place, and each family member has their own mail bin.

3. Tidy. At bedtime, set a timer for 5 minutes and get everyone in on picking up. Put away toys, books, newspapers, load the dishwasher. You will wake up to a neater home, and save time when cleaning day comes.

4. Save money – flip through the current ad from your local grocery store and jot some menu ideas based on the best buys.

5. Connect with a friend on Facebook.  Send a quick message or wall post to someone to brighten their day – and yours too!  Don’t have a Facebook account?  Sign up for one in just a matter of minutes and start connecting with friends and family!

6.  Clean out your junk drawer.  Come on, you know you have one – we all do.  Take a few minutes to look through it and see what you no longer need.  Who knows?  You may even re-discover something you didn’t know you had!

7.  Take a walk around your yard, your street, or just look out a window.  Really look.  Enjoy the change in God’s creation as winter is being pushed away by spring.  New flowers, new growth, bright colors, birds singing.  A few minutes enjoying nature is a great stress reliever.

8.  Clean the bathroom.  Not a floor to ceiling clean, but  hitting the top spots clean.  Keep cleaning items tucked away in or near your bathroom and give the vanity, shower, and commode a quick once over.

9.  Gather unused items for charity.  Go through a closet, drawer, or chest a bit at a time and put your unwanted but still wearable clothing in a box marked for a local charity.  When the box is full, make sure when they accept deliveries and drop it off. 

10.  Connect with God.  Five minutes focusing on your relationship with God, praying, reading your Bible or your favorite devotion  can make a world of difference in your outlook.


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