A Few Upcycling Bloggers

The Internet is full of ways to save: re-use, repurpose, recycle,  upcycle.  One would think we never throw anything away anymore!  Here are a few interesting sites I came across today.  Very inspiring variety of ideas to get all of us to rethink what we first thought was at the end of its life.

Check out New Dress a Day  to get inspired with inexpensive ways to update your wardrobe.  This blogger took on the challenge to add a “new to her” item to her wardrobe every day – with a $1 a day budget.  Hitting flea markets and thrift stores, she turned dated and often over-sized finds into something wearable.  

Not a seamstress?  Think Crafts has a wide assortment of upcycling ideas for all ages, including a section on green crafting.

We all have old VCR tapes laying around, right?  Here are instructions for recycling those old videos, plastic shopping bags, and more into a wide assortment of useful items.  

Whether you’re at a thrift store, garage sale, or your own home, look at those unused items in a new way.   Before you toss it away, take a minute to look at your trash in a new way.  How could you or someone else give it new life and new purpose?


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