Moose Petals? What’s in a Name, Part 2

Have you ever had a bathroom epiphany?  You know, those rare moments when suddenly an answer that has been eluding you becomes crystal clear?  As a mom, these moments of solitude, whether in the shower or taking care of other business, are often when my mind finds time to think and to listen.  So when the light bulb appeared above my head while I was trying to come up with a name for my jewelry business, Moose Petals seemed to be the only real logical choice.   Unfortunately, my logic doesn’t seem to be that easy to follow, so I’ll try to explain my reasoning, without confusing anyone further.

Several years ago, my brother, sister, and I decided that everyone needed to have a collection of something – just not of their own choosing.  The reason behind this will have to wait for another post.  At the time, my brother was engaged to (and later married) a Canadian, so moose collecting for him was a gimme.

Through the years, he received stuffed moose, ceramic moose, moose t-shirts, moose bathroom decor – anything vaguely moose-related was fair game for birthdays, Christmas, and just because gifts. 

In December 2009, just after his 52nd birthday, my brother lost a long and valiant fight with cancer.  Unlike some siblings who grow apart through the years, we were a close-knit family, and only my faith and support of my family and friends have kept me from a complete breakdown.

When I finally decided a few months ago to take my jewelry making from a hobby to a business venture, I wanted to somehow honor the memory of my brother, for who he was to me and anyone who came into contact with him.   Memory beads made from dried flower petals will be a large part of my jewelry making, so Moose Petals just seemed so natural.  Every day I wear a beaded bracelet made from yellow roses saved from my brother’s funeral, with a pewter moose charm attached. 

Moose Petals makes more sense now, doesn’t it?  Thank you to all those who have supported me in this venture, who have prayed for me and my family, and who have shared their memories of my brother.  He was a wonderful, loving man who will live on in the lives of so many.


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