A Blast From the Past


This afternoon I gave my daughter the task of organizing my jewelry box.  After months (years?) of just tossing my bling and baubles in the general direction of the box at the end of a long day, it was screaming for help.

Her assignment also included weeding out the old, out-dated, and broken.  Anything she had never seen me wear was going in our new recycling bag for a make-over.

With little direction, she dove in as if it were a pile of candy, sorting into different piles of her own design, only occasionally pausing to exclaim, “Mom, did you really wear that??”  Her most shocking finds were a pair of earrings that looked like handcuffs and a single skull earring with a top hat and a cigarette.  I’m not sure if she ever believed they actually had belonged to Auntie Jo, not Mom.

At the end of the day, we have a couple pounds of odds and ends, broken pieces, and several bits that make you want to pull out the leg warmers and big hair.  I’ll be posting pictures as we work our way through turning trash into treasure.


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