Making the Most of Your Waiting Time

I am currently sitting in the waiting area of our local emergency department with my children.  My teenage son got a little aggressive in a pick up game of basketball and now has a swollen finger which is turning a lovely shade of purple. 

So that my time waiting will not be wasted, I thought I come up with a few things I could accomplish.

1.   Apparently, my first thought was to post a blog.  With all the technology in today’s phones, we are never far away from “the office.” 

2.   Another great tool to have with you is an ereader.  Personally I have a Kindle which goes almost everywhere with me.  I’ve always been an avid reader, and my Kindle is a reader’s dream -hundreds of books at your fingertips!  What’s not to love?  If you do not own an ereader, there are apps that allow you to use your smartphone to read the latest bestsellers.

3.   While we are on the subject of modern technology, how’s your inbox been looking lately?  I have – are you ready? – over 11,000 unread emails.  I kept putting off the clean-up because it was so daunting, but have recently decided to work on getting that number down a few minutes at a time.

4.  Who doesn’t love a list?  Down time is a great opportunity to make or update a list – whether its a to do, shopping, or bucket list, it only takes a few minutes to get started.  Keep a notepad in your bag, add one to your phone, or use a piece of the paper covering the exam table.  Lists are a powerful tool to keep us focused and on task.

5.  Do some people watching.  Be creative, come up with a story for why they are there or where they are going?  If you are into fashion trends, you will definitely pick up some do’s and don’ts.  Maybe you will discover some new color combinations for your next project.

With such busy lives, finding any downtime is a rarity for some people, but if your downtime is spent just waiting, make good use of that time by accomplishing some of your many to do items.  This frees up time you would have spent later, giving you real downtime with those you love.

Oh, BTW, the lovely purple finger is indeed broken.  Small fracture caused by tendons being ripped from the bone.  Thankful to have a little extra excuse to baby him.


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