Creative Upcycling

I “met” another jewelry-maker, cat loving friend last night. She creates amazingly beautiful jewelry from everyday items, under the careful watch of her furry friends. Head over to to see her awesome creations and meet her family.

Speaking of family, here are a few pics of some of our furry buds.


The "Old Man" of the house warming himself on my laptop.

This is Rikki-Tikki, our first and oldest cat, rescued from a shelter while we were living in Central IL. He is very vocal and loves attention. He will sleep almost anywhere, but prefers to be snuggled up beside me at night.


"My Cat"

Nigel is “my” cat because the rest of the family considers him a bit aloof and have a respectful fear of him, although he is quite the snuggler. And isn’t being aloof one of the most appealing qualities of a cat? Nigel is also a rescue cat, born at the same shelter in IL.


Our Princess

Here is Salsa, definitely a Daddy’s girl. She is a Maine Coon, rescued from a breeder who no longer had a need for her. She is always ready for some play time or a belly rub. Being such a long kitty, she has trouble finding spots big enough for a nap, so she loves it when I am sitting down with my feet up and she can stretch out on my legs.

Yes, I sometimes feel like a human cat tree, as it is not unusual to have Salsa on my legs, Rikki hogging the laptop, and Nigel snuggling wherever he can fit.

Thanks for visiting our family. More pics to come – our canine friends will feel left out!

Pray for those who were in the path of the storms last night. Many lives were lost, homes and businesses were destroyed, and families will be changed forever.



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